That’s a lot of air.

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In spite of extreme broadcast inventory limitations leading up to the presidential election, Red Deluxe’s PSA for the American Lung Association surpassed $5 million in placement value in November.

The more than $4 million in free airtime so far takes the campaign’s total to $5.4 million.

The campaign, which takes a decidedly quirky approach to the importance of protecting the air we breathe, has been popular with broadcast outlets nationwide. The spots have aired hundreds of times already on network affiliates in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Washington, DC. We have had in excess of 600 pickups in New York alone, and have had several national airings on FOX News and FOX Business.

The documentary-style PSA campaign introduces the country to the quirky Alvin Grimes, whose love for air has spawned a consuming hobby. Broadcast, outdoor, and print components drive the public to a new “State of the Air” app that lets users check the air quality at their current locations, subscribe to alerts, and even advocate for clean air to their elected officials.

The unique campaign was featured in the New York Times, and is already driving new engagement between Americans and their air. 

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